A college student’s favorite words: spring break. While people have probably made plans to go to Miami, Orlando or even the Bahamas, I’m going to my home state of Kansas (cue the “Wizard of Oz” jokes) for spring break. I haven’t been to Kansas in a little over two years, so I decided it would be nice to see how updated everything is, as well as visit my childhood friend and family. While I’m in Kansas, I plan to go to some art museums in Kansas City, the Kansas City Zoo and visit my hometowns, Fort Riley and Manhattan.

Even though I plan on going out just about every day and catching up on sleep, I have decided to spice up my vacation by making some goals, urging myself to explore new things and places, as well as better my relationships with family. The following are some of the challenges I’ve constructed to make my spring break more interesting:

  • Try or cook a dish I’ve never had before.
  • Read an entire novel or book of poems.
  • Share one intimate thought or experience with a family member.
  • Do one thing my dad likes even if I get annoyed with it.
  • Explore a new museum.
  • Watch a movie or tv show with my dad to broaden his mind.
  • Get together with siblings, have a drinking contest and share embarrassing stories.

With these challenges and goals in mind, I anticipate my relationship with some of my family members to grow stronger and closer. I also expect to become more knowledgeable about the way I view the world and the people in it, as well as become educated about multiple subjects that I know very little about. While I am thrilled about spring break and completing each of my goals, getting through the tons of assignments and projects that my professors have graciously bestowed upon me will be my number one priority for the next week and a half.

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