Chili Cook-off

On Jan. 31, Schilletter held its yearly Chili Cook-off. Schilletter patrons were met with an array of eight different hot bowls of chili to choose from for lunch, and they were encouraged to vote for their favorite with a token handed out upon entry. This year’s participants included:

Brett Davidson: A catering chef originally from Grand Rapids, Michigan

Tiffany Davis: A demonstration chef from Clemson

Adam Floyd (Defending champion): Schilletter culinary lead, Clemson graduate

Shirley Harrison: Famously known as Ms. Shirley, a staple of Clemson Dining for 45 years

Meghan Mumpower: Senior food science and human nutrition major, working to be a registered dietitian

Scott Nance: Formerly a chef at Schilletter and the Fresh Food Company, now the manager of Paw Bistro

Kayla Smith: A sous chef originally from the Upstate

Michael Smith: Formerly working at camps and conference centers, now a chef at the Fresh Food Company

Kaiser Whitfield: Former Chili Cook-off champion, Manager of East Side Food Court in Hendrix

Wesley Wright: Former owner of a food truck and catering business, now a chef for the Fresh Food Company

The different chilis available to choose from were Fort Hill Chicken Chili, White Chicken Chili, Smokehouse Chili, Moroccan Bean Chili Vegan, Famous Chili, Chili Chili Bang Bang, Frontier Chili and Peruvian King Chili.

Henry Lopez, a sophomore packaging science major, said his favorite was the Frontier Chili.

“I just thought it was a great chili to pair with cornbread,” Lopez said. “The other chilis had their star ingredient or ingredients, but the Frontier Chili had a good balance of everything. It makes basic chilis taste bland.”

As of Feb. 1, the winner has yet to be revealed.


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