Ever wanted to become a master at binge watching a favorite tv show, but don’t know how or where to start? Look no further! The guide to becoming a professional binge- watcher is right here.

Step one: clear out weekend plans

No one wants to have their weekend filled up with nonsense outings and the pressure of spending a bunch of money on useless things. Clear out weekend plans and plan to stay home all weekend where it’s safe and dry.

Step two: stock up on food and drinks

Go to the nearest grocery store and buy some drinks and snacks for a long day of binge-watching. Whether the groceries are healthy or not is entirely a preference.

Step three: make sure you’re in a comfortable (maybe even isolated) area

Find a room that is the right temperature and has a soothing aura to binge-watch in. A comfy couch or bed is ideal for this room. For an extra boost in comfort, have a long fuzzy blanket nearby.

Step four: choose a show that has more than two seasons available to watch

There’s no better way to binge-watch a show than when it has more than two seasons. If the show’s episodes run a little short, it is definitely ideal to binge-watch when there are more than two seasons available. If the episodes run long, two seasons might be a good fit for the weekend.

Step five: pick out comfortable clothes to binge-watch in and turn off all handheld electronics

Pajamas, oversized t-shirt and shorts, just shorts or even just an oversized t-shirt are some of the most comfortable things to wear while binge-watching. But what’s even more comfortable is being able to binge-watch in peace without having family or friends sending 100 texts or calling 10 times. Make sure to turn off (or put on Do Not Disturb) all handheld electronics. You want to have the utmost relaxing binge-watching experience.

Step six: keep up with hygiene

After a long day of binge-watching, always remember to shower (or wash up), floss and brush your teeth! It’s imperative to stay fresh and clean while binge-watching.

Suggested shows to binge-watch

Santa Clarita Diet

Game of Thrones

Big Mouth


The Office (U.S.)

King of the Hill

Living Single

House Hunters

Chrisley Knows Best

On My Block



A Different World

The Boondocks

Chewing Gum

Family Matters



The Walking Dead

House M.D.

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