Rebecca West (left) competes at the women's foil event during the Collegiate Fencing Championships. The women finished 14th out of 27 teams in the foil event and West won two of her bouts. 

Clemson’s fencing team traveled to Feasterville-Trevose, Pennsylvania last weekend to participate in the Collegiate Fencing Championships.

After placing first overall in 2017, the men’s fencing team looked to continue and build upon their previous success heading in to 2019.

The men’s saber team were one of the top seeded units in the championship and performed accordingly, finishing 5th out of 32 teams. It should be noted, too, that Clemson performed exceptionally well against Rutgers University, who went on to place first in men’s saber, during pool play. Additionally, Carlo Mellone and Taylor Kellner both qualified for individual play, with Mellone tying for for 3rd overall.

Men’s epee 23rd out of 32 teams while men’s foil finished last out of 37 teams. Two of the athletes competing in men’s foil are sabreurs, though, and had limited experiencing competing in the foil event.

Additionally, the women’s epee finished 25th out of 27 teams, while the women’s saber team did not compete.

Women’s foil outperformed expectations as they were seeded 23rd out of 28 teams but went on to finish 14th out of 27 teams. This comes just a year removed from an event in which the women’s foil did not win a single bout and finished 27th out of 27 teams.

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