On Sunday, Feb. 24, high-achieving Clemson freshmen were celebrated at the Alpha Lambda Delta honors fraternity induction. The ceremony welcomed 125 students into the organization and featured a speech from Vice President of Student Affairs, Gail DeSabatino.

Alpha Lambda Delta is a freshman honors fraternity that accepts second semester freshmen that finished first semester classes with a 3.5 GPA or higher. The national society began in 1924 at the University of Illinois and currently has over 245 chapters across the United States. Only 15 percent of college freshmen are invited to join the honors fraternity.

“I coordinated with our president, Austin Mall and Vice President Nate Diehl to organize all the aspects of the ceremony including renting Tillman Auditorium, providing refreshments, choosing a speaker and alerting the national office of all prospective members,” Winston Reece, the Initiation Director for Alpha Lambda, said.

DeSabatino gave an honorary speech for the incoming class. The speech focused on the academic and extracurricular merits of an active student at Clemson and highlighted the impact that Harvey Gantt has had on

Clemson history.

“The question that we will ask when you graduate, be it three, four or five years from now is not: what do you remember from your time at Clemson? But instead, how will Clemson remember you? Because you are some of the best and brightest here at Clemson, I have one more homework assignment for you. I want you to take on one new challenge. Try on something that you thought you would not be caught dead doing,” DeSabatino said.

The honors fraternity provides recognition for the academic achievement of freshmen as well as monetary scholarships for members. The chapter offers three separate book scholarships to the Clemson University Bookstore. Clemson freshmen that attended the event were proud to be members of the organization for its national reputation, as well as its benefits.

“I joined Alpha Lambda Delta to become more involved in organizations at Clemson because I didn’t rush. Alpha Lambda Delta shows that I worked the hardest I could my first semester

–and achieved the privilege to join,” Matthew Vawter, an environmental engineering student, said.

“I joined Alpha Lambda Delta to become more involved at Clemson and celebrate my academic achievements of first semester,” Meredith Clayton, a freshman business major, said. Alpha Lambda Delta has events on campus from the fall festival to passing out candy in Cooper Library during study week. Members of the organization can volunteer to help with these and

other events.

“I joined Alpha Lambda Delta because I wanted to become more involved with organizations on campus and meet new people,” Olivia Reynolds, a graphics communication major, said.

Parents and officers of Alpha Lambda Delta were also present to watch the new freshman class join the

honors fraternity.

“Although we weren’t able to hold a traditional candle lighting ceremony due to fire safety regulations, the event as a whole went smoothly. I’m excited to see what the new class of freshman members can do with Alpha Lambda Delta

and I wish the best of luck to future inductees,” Reece said.