In the wake of Loose Change’s “Tijuana Chicken Sandwich” sign, The Tiger has published two articles concerning the sign and the reactions it received. The first was an op-ed piece that consisted of my own personal opinion on the matter. The second was a news article, also written by me, that attempted to give a more factual, unbiased report of the events. These two articles should not have been written by the same person, and I apologize for allowing bias and my opinion to enter what should have been a strictly factual news piece.

I regret having two different kinds of articles dealing with the same matter so closely connected, both by stance and by author, and The Tiger and myself will strive to keep this from happening again in the future. Rather than the result of a political agenda, this action was the result of a current lack of news writers. Due to this shortage, I wrongly took it upon myself to construct the article. It was a thoughtless error, and it is not something The Tiger is moving towards nor plans on repeating.

The Tiger has never shied away from covering controversial topics, and it does not intend to start now. However, in pursuing our reporting and fighting for the truth, we will also work to keep bias and personal opinions from factual articles. This has been a lapse in judgement, but we hope to never repeat it.

I appreciate the feedback we’ve received on this issue. This coming semester, I will be stepping up as the new Editor-in-Chief of The Tiger, and anyone and everyone is more than welcome to email me at with any questions or concerns. Thank you, and go Tigers!

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