Thank you letter to staff

It often seems like there is more wrong with this world and this campus than there are right. However, there are many things to be appreciative of, and one of the most overlooked aspects about Clemson is the staff. Specifically those that clean our campus, cook us food and make sure that our campus is safe. We often take for granted how difficult their jobs are, yet, they are a crucial in keeping our campus functional. It’s difficult to meet every employee on campus, but almost everyone has met those who work at The Fresh Food Company Dining Hall, aka Core, and I can definitively say that they are an amazing representation of Clemson’s employees.

The people who work at Core are some of the nicest human beings on this campus. From the people that swipe our cards who are always smiling at the front of the dining hall, to the cooks that make good food for thousands of students at a time, to the custodians patrolling the dining hall (and who are often noted to sing in the morning), these employees are shining examples that Clemson hires those who are good-natured and are dedicated to their job as well as the students of Clemson! While I don’t frequent Schilletter and the Hub as much as Core, I can say from the times I have been there, these employees are also a huge factor in making the Clemson experience a positive one for the students.

These employees are the unsung heroes of our campus. Not only do they keep it running smoothly, but their friendly attitude make everyone’s day a little bit better. In fact, I encourage all of you, if you have not already done this, to talk to the employees of the dining hall, the library or anywhere else on campus. They are incredibly interesting and thoughtful people that can offer you advice and will also brighten your day. Our dining hall employees do not get the recognition that they so often deserve yet they affect all of us on a daily basis. So, on behalf of The Tiger and all of our students, I’d like to thank all of the employees of Clemson for the kindness, respect and joy they give us throughout every semester; you all truly demonstrate what it means to be a Clemson tiger.

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