Logan Young, a junior nursing major, and Andrew Kwasny, a junior industrial engineering major, are running for student body president and vice president, respectively. With "Uproar" as their slogan, Young and Kwasny's platform has school spirit, academics and community as its three pillars. In a wing-filled Q&A with Young, she gave us some insight into the campaign and herself.

The top five aspects of Young and Kwasny's campaign, as described by themselves, are below. Primary elections are on Feb. 27 and last until midnight.

  1. Student involvement is of importance to Young and Kwasny, who want to advocate for more student involvement and accountability.
  2. Academics will be focused on on behalf of the student body. With mentions of the freshman experience and academic policies, the two look to better university and student relations.
  3. Student wellness and mental health are also a priority to Young and Kwasny. They look to expand campus healthcare, emphasizing the need for a revised Redfern and CAPS program and to raise awareness for victims of sexual assault.
  4. Community is essential to a campus and has not gone overlooked by the candidates. Young and Kwasny advocate for more relationships between students, the university and the community that supports them.
  5. Campus sustainability is also of emphasis for Young and Kwasny. the two want to expand recycling efforts across campus and publicize the benefits of Kite Hill.

Young and Kwasny can be found at their website, on Instagram or on Twitter.

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