Collin Huskey, a junior biological sciences major, and Rena Haley, a junior nursing major, are runningĀ for student body president and vice president, respectively. "Reaching New Heights" serves as their platform's main phrase, and Huskey and Haley are working to improve the Clemson community and campus life development. With some wings in tow, we met with Huskey and got some details about him and the platform.

The top five aspects of Huskey and Haley's campaign, as described by themselves, are below. Primary elections are on Feb. 27 and last until midnight.

  1. Student voices in campus life matter to Huskey and Haley, who will advocate for students in core parts of student life such as dining hall options and a new post office system.
  2. Town gown relations are community-enhancing and will e introduced to each specific college through hands-on partnerships.
  3. Student wellness and mental health are crucial to Huskey and Haley, who will promote awareness through programs such as Tigers Together and CU 1000 in order to "help other feel more comfortable seeking help."
  4. Sustainability will be promoted through introducing a "Clean Clemson" competition, utilizing sustainability funds, adopting green initiatives, composting and installing low-water-flow appliances.
  5. Social spaces will be renovated, and social events, in partnership with Tiger Paw Productions, will be promoted in order to bring more events, such as concerts, to campus.

Huskey and Haley can be found at their website, on Instagram or on Twitter.

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