Banner Brock, a junior economics and political science major, and Jade Richard, a junior biological sciences major, are running for student body president and vice president, respectively. With the slogan "Your Voice, Our Clemson" representing their platform, Brock and Richard aim to focus on wellness and empowerment and to work proactively with Clemson University administration. While trying out some different wings, Brock answered some questions about himself and the platform.

The top five aspects of Brock and Richard's campaign, as described by themselves, are below. Primary elections are on Feb. 27 and last until midnight.

  1. Student parking will be improved by suing technology to report the number of spots available in certain parking lots, by increasing free carpool permits and by adding parking to Douthit Hills.
  2. Big concerts are being planned to be brought to campus for all students to enjoy in the spring and during Homecoming week in the fall.
  3. The implementing of new grading system that adds B+, C+ and D+, but not A-, B- or C- would more appropriately reflect the hard work students put in over the semester.
  4. The improvement of athletic events through a better lottery system for student football tickets will benefit all students, ensuring that the seniors get a ticket to their last home football game.
  5. Student wellness is a priority for Brock and Richard's campaign. Through additional counseling services, rape kits being available 24/7, increased recreational facilities and better access to nutritious foods in the dining halls and around campus, the two are working towards in increase in safety and wellness.

Brock and Richard can be found at their website, on Instagram or on Twitter.

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