Today’s brief is on Tigervision, Clemson’s student-run television network! The Tigervision “War Room” and studio are located in the Tiger Media suites on the third floor of the Hendrix Student Center. The number of members is approximately 60, but the club is looking to grow. “I know when I came on campus, I was home sick being all the way from Connecticut. Then, I found Tigervision and made a lot of new friends through the organization,” Ryan Sweeney, Tigervision’s General Manager, said. If you are interested in photography, live-broadcasting, video production, or making friends, this club is for you!

Tigervision is built on giving students real-life experience. Participating in this organization will get you ready by working with cameras and connecting with viewers. Sweeney added that students will “get their hands dirty” when it comes to using equipment.

Some plans for the upcoming year include live-broadcasting sporting events. Matt Tiahrt, a junior Communication major, came up with the idea of streaming Club Hockey games with live-commentary. “We are a little leaner on production staff and more members focused on production would make this undertaking easier,” said Sweeney. Students will be able to cover other sporting events, including football and basketball games, by taking pictures and uploading them to the Twitter and Instagram accounts. Sweeney has also set up industry trips and meetings to visit media outlets in Upstate South Carolina. “This will give our members the opportunity to get a feel for the industry while building relationships with professionals,” said Sweeney. Tigervision was also involved with a TedX event in the spring semester and will be involved with more events like it in the upcoming year. Sweeney hopes that a late-night show will be added to the list of awesome shows that are student-produced.

Sweeney will act as the interim Chief Engineer for the fall semester while Scout Beddingfield, a junior Communication major, will be studying abroad. Beddingfield spends a lot of her time behind the scenes and working with equipment. As previously mentioned, the organization will need a lot of help to fill her shoes when it comes to production!

All in all, if you are interested in television production, broadcasting, or social media, Tigervision is the right club for you! A lot of members are Communication and Sports Communication majors, but there are also a bunch of students that are majoring in English, Engineering and Business. Make sure to look out for the Tigervision booth at Tiger Prowl!

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