Sistas on the Move (SOTM) is a relatively new group that encourages their members to better themselves physically, mentally/emotionally and spiritually through fitness, participating and connecting with each other during school events. The 2019 SOTM President, Taya Lee, shared some insights on the group’s origins, goals and how potential members can join and participate in the group.

“Sistas on the Move is an organization started by Raegene Parks that focuses on women not only becoming physically but holistically well through fitness gatherings, mental health workshops, etc,” said Lee, a senior bioengineering major. “This organization’s main goal is to help its members achieve their goals by being surrounded by others with like minds. This is done through attending fitness classes together, having workshops for the group and other activities that encourage group participation. Over the years, the organization has evolved from primarily doing campus walks and small workshops and has started to use more campus resources such as Fike and do collaborations with other organizations, such as Sister 2 Sister. To join the organization, a prospective member should join through Tiger Quest and follow us on all of our social media platforms to keep up with the latest information about upcoming workshops and events.”

In terms of the club’s growth, Lee states that she hopes Sistas on the Move will gain more campus publicity and more club collaborations.

“I see SOTM gaining more members, more publicity, and having more collaborations with other organizations,” Lee said. “I would like it to be so well known and close knit that every girl on campus wants to be apart of it.”

Check out @CU_SistasMove on Twitter, @Sistas_move on Instagram and Sistas on the Move on Facebook for more information.

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