Smoke plume flies high during fire at Y Beach

The Friday morning fire at Y beach left a huge smoke plume, one that was visible for miles around.

At 7:30 a.m. February 1, Clemson University Fire Department (CUFD) received an alarm notification for the Snow Family Center, where Clemson Outdoor Recreation keeps much of their supplies.

The first responders noticed smoke upon arrival and called additional units in to assist. As the fire grew, it became evident that it would be difficult to contain. Additional units were called from neighboring Pickens County and City of Anderson to assist. According to WYFF 4, a number of other fire departments were called to help control the blaze. 

According to Public Information Officer William Shivar, the fire was placed under control around lunchtime. As of yet, no cause has been determined and is still under investigation. 

Officer Shivar also noted that there were no injuries; there was only one Clemson recreation employee nearby who was safely removed from the scene. 

Clemson students received official notice of the incident around 9:30 a.m.. Many students were already aware that something was going on because smoke had rolled across most of the campus. 

One student claimed that she could see the smoke when she was in Simpsonville earlier that day. Another notes the smell of burning wood, ash, and smoke on their walk to an early 9:05 class. During the 9:55-10:10 class changes, students noted difficulties breathing and seeing. 

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