General elections are right around the corner. In addition to voting for student body president and vice president, Clemson students will also be given the opportunity to choose next year's members of the Senate. Below is a full list of the candidates, and elections will be held online on March 6.

Madison Bodine
Junior, Agribusiness

Cole Revis
Junior, Agricultural Mech and Business

Nathanael Stephens
Junior, Packaging Science

Matthew Spencer
Sophomore, Philosophy

Sloane Perkins
Senior, Political Science

Liberty Egan
Sophomore, Philosophy

Andrew Gasparini
Senior, History

Tyler McDougald
Sophomore, English

Cameron Davis
Sophomore, Language and Inter Trade

Emily Eggers
Senior, Philosophy

Aubrey Steele
Sophomore, AAH Undeclared

Libby Milano
Sophomore, Women's Leadership

Lauren Drum
Senior, Nursing

Marcus Coppola
Sophomore, Political Science

Anna Wallace Clark
Sophomore, Visual Arts

Jack Davies
Junior, Criminal Justice

Leya Bellamy
Sophomore, Political Science

Will Galloway
Sophomore, Political Science

Will Billbrough
Sophomore, Political Science

Roann Abdeladl
Junior, Health Science

Rachel Clyburn
Senior, Sociology

Harrison Wetherell
Junior, Political Science

Jasmin Baxley
Freshman, Psychology

Benjamin Hopkins
Sophomore, Political Science

Michael McNulty
Junior, Financial Management

Matthew Innocenti
Junior, Pre-Business

John Traurig
Sophomore, Management

Jack DuBro
Sophomore, Pre-Business

Luke Anastasi
Sophomore, Pre-Business

Sudarshan Sridharan
Freshman, Pre-Business

Jainada Williams
Freshman, Pre-Business

Jen Lapinski
Junior, Pre-Business

Luke Schraer
Freshman, Pre-Business

Tsagan Kutinow
Senior, Management

Drew Masters
Sophomore, Financial Management

Samuel Snipes
Junior, Secondary Education

Gracie Pope
Sophomore, General Engineering

Robert Falconer
Senior, Bioengineering

Wajdi Halabi
Senior, Computer Science

Blair Woody
Sophomore, General Engineering

Samantha Hayes
Junior, Civil Engineering

Cassidy Smith
Junior, Materials Sci and Engr

Kathleen Browne
Sophomore, Computer Science

Julia Meyer
Freshman, General Engineering

Brendan Tobin
Junior, Bioengineering

Hunter Bond
Junor, Computer Engineering

Brittany Bynum
Freshman, General Engineering

Aparna Mahendranath
Junior, Bioengineering

Eric Szczepanik
Sophomore, Computer Info Systems

Aaron Wells
Sophomore, General Engineering

Scott Driggers
Senior, Physics

Carson Wood
Junior, Mathematical Sciences

Blake Parker
Junior, Chemistry

Will Cotterman
Sophomore, Mathematical Sciences

Marilyn Hazlett
Senior, Mathematical Sciences

Riley Baker
Junior, Biological Sciences

Matthew Dimond
Junior, Microbiology

Angel Cardona
Sophomore, Biochemistry

David Kindervater
Senior, Biochemistry

Julia Weaver
Senior, Biological Sciences

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