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The Clemson Running Club is a student organization that lives up to their name with flying colors. Whether you have previous experience running Cross Country and/or Track or only go outside when necessary, this student organization welcomes any new member with open arms and runs off with them. The club goes on daily long runs Monday through Thursday at Cox plaza at 6:00PM, which the club recommends as the best time to check them out if you are

interested. On Friday, the club meets in front of Fike to play Frisbee on the intramural field.

While running for fun after classes is their passion, the Running Club also gives back with two community service projects at local elementary schools where members introduce running to kids in a fun and organized manner. One day each week, members go to meet with kids after school and work on the basic fundamentals of running as well as play games and events. At the end of each semester, the club proudly supports the young runners as the kids

partake in a local race to show off their new running skills.

With no requirement on how many practices you need to attend, the club makes

membership possible for students with any kind of schedule. Additionally, its doors are open to Bridge students to participate. All members are required to pay an $40 General Club Due for club clothing, access to monthly dinners and team social events, and club daily runs. These dues go directly to funding for clothing and food for special events.

For those with a competitive spirit, the Running Club participates in multiple races throughout the semester with both a men’s and women’s team. These races range from 5k-8k depending on the team and are primarily sponsored by different universities and the National Intercollegiate Running Club Association (NIRCA). However, due to the policies of NIRCA, Bridge students are unable to race in races associated with that organization. In order to participate in the sponsored races, members have a $40 fee for the semester they wish to race in which covers their admission, registration, travel, and lodging.

“I think my favorite part is the first mile of a race; it’s fast and fun and everyone’s jostling for position. Then I realize I started too fast and die.” Akim Koutsioukis, a senior Chemistry major, said.

Whether you just have a passion for running with a diverse group of friendly students with a common interest or wish to represent your school through your determination, athleticism, and sweat, jog over to one of their practices and get involved with the Clemson Running Club.

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