Just a few weeks into the semester, Clemson students will wake up Monday morning to find themselves heading to a new dining hall on the west side of campus.

Located in building B of the new Core Campus complex, The Fresh Food Company offers numerous dining options for students, including salads, gluten-free items, all-day breakfast, Asian cuisine, pizza and desserts. 

There are also several retail offerings to choose from, including a Which Wich, Twisted Taco, Raising Cane’s, Starbucks and a POD convenience store. Meal plan swipes can be used at the residential dining location, but students

will have to use Paw Points, Tiger Stripe, cash or credit cards at the POD and retail locations. 

The 78,000 square feet of dining facilities includes a 900 seat dining hall and a 300 seat dining center. It replaces the 1,000 seat, 61-year-old Harcombe Dining Hall, which was Clemson’s main dining facility.

“The Core Campus project has been in the works for ten plus years. Harcombe is part of an aging Union infrastructure and our ability to move the dining hall and retail options to a new home allows for the University to continue to

make plans for the future of the Union building and grounds.” said Anthony Harvey, Associate Director for Residential and Dining Facilities. 

“Harcombe will still be the home for Aramark staff offices and will host food service in the summer of ’17 when Schilletter is temporarily closed for some needed infrastructural upgrades.”

Construction on the $96 million project began in July 2014, and Clemson has faced several issues and delays along the way. “The weather this past fall played havoc with the schedule. Many readers will remember all the rain for the football games last year. It really slows down work for utilities in the ground as well as buildings before they are dried in when so much rain occurs.” said Harvey. 

While these issues may have delayed the opening of the new dining facility, students were able to move into the dorms located in the same building last month. Finishing touches on the ground floors of buildings A, C and D, along with landscaping, are expected to be completed within the next few days. 

“I think the entire facility will be a gem on the University landscape. The dining portion of the facility will offer students the opportunity to have increased options for retail dining and a larger variety of menu options within our residential dining program.” said Harvey.

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