Dear Coach Swinney:

The Clemson University Graduate Student Government, after much reflection, finds your recent public remarks concerning the actions of Colin Kaepernick to be unfortunate in light of recent racial turmoil nationally and at Clemson University.

Protest and dissent are inextricable components of the founding of our great nation and as such are cherished and protected forms of expression. To explicitly state that one’s expression of dissent should be performed in a manner more consistent with your own values is not only haphazard, but can also be construed as un-American.

We also believe evoking the name of one our nation’s greatest dissenters, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., to be a misguided attempt at repairing the racial tensions that have been plaguing our campus. While we firmly believe you had the best of intentions, the apparent misrepresentation of one of our greatest civil rights leaders is a gross perversion of that message and demonstrates a fundamental lack of understanding of the issues African Americans face on a daily basis.

As someone who enjoys considerable ethos on both a local and national level, you are among the most public of faces for our great institution. This ethos carries a burden; your words have an impact that extends far beyond the playing field. Graduate Student Government is asking you to use your credibility to issue an apology to the students, alumni, faculty, and community at-large for which your words have had negatively affected.


Clemson University Graduate Student Government

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Dabo doesn't need to apologize. If anyone apologizes it's the overly sensitive, anti-American brats who are offended by every little thing. Inclusiveness has been hijacked by those who think it only applies to those who have a liberal, progressive, and communist view point of America. If you are offended by what Dabo said, then it's you, the overly sensitive, politically correct, spoiled baby that need to apologize to the rest of us.


Dabo owes no one an apology. If anyone was offended at what he said, they are the ones that need to apologize to the community for being such sensitive anti-American cry babies. Trying to lecture people about dissent, freedom of speech.. If Kaperfool can use the NFL as a platform to show his hatred of America, where does it stop? Universities at large are shooting themselves in the foot with this fairy tail bias inclusiveness. Inclusiveness meaning those with differing opinions are welcomed too... and they shouldn't have to apologize to a group of spoiled rotten, entitled brats in some minority group.

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